11 Compelling Reasons to Get an Epoxy Floor Coating for Your Building

Did you know that the average cost to renovate an office or commercial space can be as high as $200 per square foot? This is a steep price to pay. However, renovating your commercial space can be well worth it?especially if you pick upgrades that will impress, stand the test of time, and have a decent ROI.?Getting epoxy floors?is?a high-impact way?to transform your building.

What's more, upgrading flooring is one of the renovation projects with a?good ROI in the real estate industry.?Not only will you rejuvenate the aesthetic of your establishment, but you'll also be increasing its resale value and appeal to buyers.?

There's almost nothing better than a gleaming floor to impress the eye, and epoxy flooring is one of the cheapest ways to achieve this. Keep reading to find out why epoxy floor coatings are an ideal solution for commercial buildings. 

1. Epoxy Floors Look Incredible

Before we get into the productive benefits let's talk about the aesthetics.?

Epoxy floors look downright incredible. The epoxy resin products we use create a high-sheen, glossy finish that reflects light and looks immaculate and high-end. 

The surface is perfectly sheer, creating a flawlessly smooth and flat finish. 

2. They're Hardwearing and Long-Lasting

Besides their impeccable looks, epoxy floors are also very hard-wearing and long-lasting. 

Epoxy resin creates a waterproof barrier that is also impervious to stains, grease, and chemical damage. Additionally, epoxy floors also have a very high tensile strength. A good epoxy floor can handle weights of between 3,000 and 10,000 pounds per square inch. 

Because of its strength, high-quality epoxy flooring can carry immense weight and substantial impact without flexing or buckling. Besides this, epoxy floors can also withstand large temperature fluctuations, as well as fire. 

Thanks to their durability, epoxy floors can last for years without needing to be refinished. This makes it perfect for areas with high foot traffic or vehicle activity (such as auto shops). 

Many consumer-grade flooring products can't stand up to the needs of commercial spaces. Laminate floors and carpets often need to be replaced regularly in high-traffic areas.

What's more, carpet guarantees usually only cover abrasive damage. If your building sees a lot of activity, your carpeting can start to look shabby within a couple of years, but you won't necessarily be able to replace it under the warranty. 

Expoxy floors, on the other hand, will retain their shine and integrity far into the future?even in high-impact areas that see a lot of foot traffic. 

3. Epoxy Floors Are Cost-Effective

Another significant advantage to epoxy floors is they are very cost-effective. Professionally installed epoxy floors typically cost between $3-$12 per square foot. 

This is substantially cheaper than many other flooring installations. For instance, glazed ceramic tiles typically cost between $1-$20 per square foot. Installation costs are generally another $5-10 (or more) per square foot.

This adds up to anything between $6-$30 per square foot.

What's more, if you have to rip up old tiling or flooring to install new tiles, you'll have to pay extra for this. 

In contrast, not only is epoxy flooring cheaper, but it can often be installed directly over existing floors. This further reduces costs and makes installation less disruptive. 

4. Epoxy Resin Can Go Over Existing Floors

As we just mentioned, epoxy floors can, in some cases, be installed directly over existing floors. Most steel, wood, cement, or concrete subfloors are suitable bases for an epoxy resin flooring installation. 

5. They Are Seam-Free and Easy to Cleaning

Along with being attractive, hard-wearing, and cost-effective, epoxy floors are also easy to clean. Because they create a seamless finish, there are no cracks, or grout lines present that can collect dirt or develop stains. 

Additionally, the glossy surface means dirt has a harder time adhering to the floor. Most spills can be easily wiped up, there is zero danger of stains, and routine cleaning is quick and easy. 

In most cases, epoxy floors only require sweeping and a mop down with soap and water. However, should you need to use stronger cleaning products, epoxy floors hold up well to these, with the exception of acid-based cleaners.

Over time, acid-based cleaners can potentially dull the glossy finish on epoxy floors, so avoid these. 

Additionally, you can also clean epoxy floors with industrial-grade cleaning machinery. Their durability means that large machines won't crack or scratch the finish. 

If your existing floor is an unpolished concrete surface, another perk to epoxy resin floors is they reduce dust. Most raw concrete surfaces are dry and brittle. This can create dust, which dirties other areas. 

Sealing a concrete surface with epoxy flooring locks in the dust and protects the concrete. 

6. Epoxy Floors Are Great for Covering Defects

Do you have a solid floor, but one which is an eyesore and full of defects? If so, epoxy floors are great for covering chips, stains, and irregularities. 

One of the most popular applications for them is to cover and protect rough concrete floors. Once you have arranged for the installation, the epoxy flooring professionals will start by grinding and buffing out any marks, bumps, or drips. Once the floor is smooth, they will then apply the finish, concealing all defects. 

7. You Can Choose From a Variety of Colors and Styles

Another perk to epoxy floors is you can choose from a wide range of colors and styles. For instance, here at Manhattan Concrete Systems, we offer a large variety of colors, ranging from muted neutrals to bright and vibrant hues. 

Besides this, we also have an eye-catching range of quartz and decorative chip options. Our quartz granules come in thousands of color blends. As for the decorative chips, they come in a range of understated natural tones.

With such a variety of colors and styles, you are sure to find one that suits your building's design and aesthetic. From bright and bold to subtle and calming, there is a tone for everyone. 

8. Epoxy Floors Are Super Low Maintenance

Not only are epoxy floors long-lasting and durable, but they are also very low maintenance. They can retain their glossy finish for many years without the need for sealant re-applications or refinishing. 

In contrast, other flooring materials such as natural stone and hardwoods need periodic care and maintenance. Even tiles come with some upkeep. If you want to keep the grout lines stain-free, you will have to apply an anti-stain sealant annually. 

Epoxy floors need none of this, making them low-to-no-maintenance.

9. Repairs Are Easy

In the event that your epoxy resin floor does suffer some damage, repairs are also straightforward to do. Nicks, chips, dings, or cracks can be quickly rectified with a touch-up application of epoxy resin. 

10. They're Eco-Friendly

Did you know that epoxy floors are eco-friendly?

Although epoxy resin does emit fumes during the curing process, once the floor has hardened, they are inert and non-toxic. What's more, epoxy floors require far fewer inputs than other flooring options and create less waste. 

Besides requiring few materials?thanks to their durability, epoxy floors also don't need to be replaced as often. If you installed a less durable type of flooring, chances are you'll be sending it all to the landfill in a few years. Without epoxy flooring, you won't have to do this, as your floor will still look pristine. 

Are you interested in more eco-friendly flooring options? Check out our guide to the top eco-friendly flooring solutions for businesses. 

11. Epoxy Flooring Is Perfect for an Auto Shop

Another valuable advantage of epoxy floors is they can withstand vehicle movement. This makes them ideal for an auto shop, a garage, or anywhere else where you need to drive vehicles indoors. 

Auto shops are generally restricted in their choice of flooring and either need to opt for concrete or epoxy resin. Tiles can crack under the weight of vehicle activity, as can wood and laminate. 

Another good flooring solution for an auto shop is polished concrete. If this sounds like an interesting option, you can also check out this post on polished concrete floors

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Building With Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy floors are one of the cheapest, most durable, low maintenance, and attractive flooring options for commercial spaces. Not can they handle high levels of traffic, as well as machinery and vehicles, but they are also very easy to clean and resistant to stains.

Are you looking to upgrade your building's flooring with epoxy resin? If so, it's essential that you get a professional in to do the job, one who specializes in epoxy flooring and uses the best, most durable products. 

Fortunately, you don't need to look far to find one. We are experts in concrete and epoxy floors. Fully licensed and bonded, our customers are our number one priority, and we will stop at nothing to ensure you are happy with our service. 

Contact us to get the ball rolling on your commercial flooring upgrade. 

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