7 Surprising Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

The ancient Romans were on to something with the use of concrete. 

Fast forward to today and you're still able to see a variety of uses for concrete. It's used for driveways, roads, and some buildings. There's no doubt our world would be a bit different without it. 

Do you know what else concrete is good for? It's great for flooring, and that's why you should be using polished concrete floors for your home or office. 

Below are 7 benefits of polished concrete floors. Make sure to keep scrolling because you're bound to be surprised. 

1. Concrete Is Simple to Clean

We've all had moments of spilling food or drink onto the carpet. It's an absolute nightmare to clean up, especially if it's something dark like red wine. You have to bring in fancy carpet cleaners and vacuums. 

With concrete, you can usually get most things up with the swipe of a towel. Day-to-day clean up doesn't involve heavy-duty manual labor. You'll just want to keep towels and a mop around. 

Because concrete flooring is so easy to clean, it's great for areas of high foot traffic such as stores and office buildings. Many people track in dirt and dust from the outside.

If you want to do a bit of a deep clean, make sure you use a cleaner that's pH neutral. Don't use anything too harsh, and don't be afraid to grab a scrubber!

2. Concrete Holds Fewer Allergens Than Carpet

Carpet fibers love to hold on to dirt, dust, pet hair, and any sort of allergens. This can create a lot of sneezing in the household.

This problem is easy to avoid with a polished cement floor. Not only would it look nice in your home, but it would also make you feel better while in your own home. 

Another result of concrete holding less dirt is a decreased risk of sickness, such as a respiratory infection. The quality of your inside air will drastically improve with concrete.

3. Concrete is Sustainable

Many of us remember being little kids, running every day up and down our concrete driveway. We'd ride bikes, play jump rope, or bring out the scooters. As much as we played, our driveway never faded away. 

Concrete is strong and sustainable, especially when polished. The polished layer adds an extra level of protection, helping guard from scratches and dents. 

Sustainability is important when considered what cleaners to use on the floor. As mentioned above, it's best to avoid hard chemicals. Different chemicals can take a toll on the polished concrete.

Because concrete is so sustainable, it's awesome for mechanic shops. You won't have to worry about damage after watching cars roll through all day.

4. Concrete is Cost-Effective

Polished concrete flooring, because it's so sustainable, is cost-effective. There won't be any need to be constantly shoveling out money to replace or fix the floors. 

Installing concrete floors in your home or business may be a chunk out of your savings at first, but you'll be making a smart investment. It'll last for years, and you'll be happy you did it. 

When debating on whether or not you want to install concrete in your office, it's important to note concrete doesn't have to be boring. Cost-effective, sustainable materials can still look appealing. There are plenty of concrete ideas to consider.

5. Polished Concrete is Reflective

Aesthetically, you might be wanting a floor that's reflective. Many people enjoy the look of the overhead lights bouncing off the floor, creating a brighter feeling to a room.

Polished concrete flooring helps increase the overall brightness in a room and can help save money. If your natural window light is bouncing off the floors, there's no need to turn on any extra lamps. 

The reflective qualities also promote a feeling of wide-awakeness, helping employees in the building wake up in the mornings. Having a drab carpet will elicit some major yawns.

6. Polished Concrete is Customizable 

When we think concrete, we probably think of the stuff that lines our sidewalks. Polished concrete looks much better than that. Not only is it reflective, but it also looks even better with the use of dyes and stains.

You can create a white marbled stain effect, adding an overall modern feeling to the environment. This looks great in kitchens along with stainless steel appliances and black countertops.

Use a deep brown stain to add warmth to your home. This is great for homes with wooden furniture and warm colors, such as red. 

If you want to do something out of the ordinary, use colors like seafoam green and deep blues. You can design ocean-like flooring to promote tranquility and flow in the home.

7. Concrete is Great for Pets

Our furry friends love to bring in dirt, sticks, bugs, and just about anything else from the outdoors. They also shed, leaving tons of dander and hair on the ground. 

This creates a mess and bad allergies. Unfortunately, a vacuum doesn't seem to get it all. It's why you need to invest in concrete flooring. 

Concrete allows you to sweep up after pets, and it won't wear down under the constant foot traffic of your active pups. It's even safer for their paws because you won't be using harsh chemicals to clean. 

You'll be thanking yourself you got concrete the next day your dog comes running in from rolling around in the mud. 

Polished Concrete Floors Are Hard to Resist

Taking the leap and investing in polished concrete floors will be the best things you've done in a while. Just from reading the short list above, it's obvious to see why concrete is a great choice.

Not only is concrete sustainable, but it's also cost-effective and easy to clean. As people or pets walk through, all you have to do is grab a mop. It's also great for people who experience bad allergies or people who just want a floor that doesn't require harsh chemical cleaners.

Now that you're sold on concrete flooring, check out the rest of our site and services. Contact us for an estimate. 

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