Commercial Concrete Polishing Company NYC

At Manhattan Concrete Systems (MCS), we’re dedicated to giving commercial contractors, commercial tenants, and building owners the polished concrete or epoxy floor that they envision for their retail spaces and offices. So that’s what we do. And it’s all we do. And we don’t do anything else.

Founder Matthew Koerner began working with concrete in 2004. From the outset, he took notes. He figured out what works (top of the line equipment, airtight operations, a great team), and what doesn’t (everything else). When Matt started MCS, he made sure everything was perfect from the start. And it’s paid off.

Sky-High Standards Of Commercial Concrete Polishing

MCS has worked in some of the most prestigious buildings in New York City, including the Empire State Building, 450 W. 14th Street, and 32 Avenue of the Americas. We’ve polished concrete for big names like Calvin Klein, HSN, Akon Brands, and Alice + Olivia. MCS is committed to doing our job with integrity—and sky-high standards. As a result, contractors, commercial building owners, and even other concrete or epoxy subcontractors often call on us to fix bungled jobs—or complete unfinished concrete polishing jobs.

If that hasn’t happened to you, don’t let it. Give us a call on 646-476-8376, so that we can do it right—the first time.