Concrete Eating Robots Capable of Recycling Entire Buildings

Not only is it time consuming and pricey to demolish an existing concrete building, it is very dangerous because it involves the handling of hazardous materials. Converting a dilapidated building into an entirely new one requires the reprocessing of concrete, metal, glass, wood, and other materials - an exhaustive and messy enterprise. Alas , do not fear, earthlings - a concrete eating robot is on the way! That's right folks... seemingly out of a science fiction movie, an inventor has devised a Transformer-like machine named ERO to disassemble reinforced concrete structures and enable the building materials to be upcycling for new pre-fabricated concrete buildings. The?Concrete Deconstruction Robot is more efficient, cleaner and safer for workers. Today, laborers manually operate demolition machines of different sizes to hammer and beat the concrete structure into smaller pieces within a demolition site. All of these machines use a tremendous amount of energy in the form of electricity, coal, batteries, water, and heat. Once the concrete is demolished, massive machines transfer the mixture to recycle stations where the waste is separated manually. Instead, imagine a world where concrete is no match for a fleet of concrete eating machines that use highly sopshicated technology to scan an area and process the varied material.  

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