Concrete Floor Restoration

Yes, you can get rid of cracked, old, or rough concrete, and restore it to a beautiful glass-like sheen. Simply hire us to resurface it.

Resurfacing concrete involves pouring a new layer of self-leveling concrete over the old layer. Once dry, we can polish it, or coat it with epoxy.

MCS’s Eco-Friendly Concrete Floor Restoration 

Concrete is the greenest flooring material on the planet.

That’s because most modern buildings are constructed on concrete slab. Leveraging the original concrete saves trees, landfill space, and money. And you get a low-maintenance, durable (harder to chip or dent) floor that’s every bit as beautiful as you want it to be.

As with all concrete flooring jobs, concrete floor restoration and resurfacing helps save the environment (no wood or tiles necessary). But you really need the best equipment and techniques to do it right. Using our top-of-class equipment and tried-and-true methods, we perform the job with remarkable precision, and our ordinary attention to budgets, timelines, and safety.

If you’re ready to resurface your concrete floors, contact us or call us on 646-991-5199.

Note: To care for your newly resurfaced concrete floor, simply sweep and mop with water, and re-wax (or re-seal for exteriors) just once a year.