Concrete Polishing: Jersey Mike's Subs in Manhattan

We're polishing every Jersey Mikes in Manhattan. This is the second store that will be opening soon on 3rd Ave. How exactly does concrete polishing work, what are the benefits, and what services do we offer?

Polished concrete is the finish of choice for many of the world?s most prestigious architects and structures. It?s eco-friendly, since it leverages existing materials. It reflects light?like glass. It?s waterproof, and requires little maintenance beyond sweeping and mopping with water. It?s vastly preferred to many alternatives, such as expensive wooden flooring and institutional vinyl tile (VCT). It has a lower cost of maintance, saving business owners time and money, and has a high slip coefficent, protecting you and your customers.

At Manhattan Concrete Design, we use only the best concrete grinding and polishing equipment?yielding the floors you envision for your commercial space. Our portfolio encompasses some of the most prestigious buildings in New York City, such as the Empire State Building, 450 W. 14th Street, and 32 Avenue of the Americas. We?ve polished concrete for the likes of Calvin Klein, HSN, Akon Brands, and Alice + Olivia?and others requiring flawlessness.

For more information on concrete polishing services we offer in NYC and Manhattan, visit Manhattan Concrete.

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