Eco-friendly Polished Concrete in NYC Demystified

Eco-friendly Polished Concrete in NYC Demystified

These days, being green is nearly a business requirement. Office recycling, eco-friendly cleaning, and conscious paper usage are practically de rigeur in corporate America?particularly among the cutting edge. But there?s one environmental opportunity that isn?t getting as much play: concrete and epoxy flooring.

You see, as standard foundational material, concrete already exists. There?s no need to kill a tree or consume additional material: your floor is already made of concrete. Businesses can ?install? it with a clean conscience: it?s inherently green.

Manhattan Concrete Design (MCD) knows this. An industry leader in epoxy flooring and polished concrete in NYC, MCD has an impressive foundation in eco-friendly design.

Concrete?s Environmental Advantages

Concrete is made up predominantly of limestone, the most plentiful mineral on earth. Concrete can also be made with fly ash, slag cement, and slica fume, all waste products from power plants, steel mills and other manufacturing facilities.

Choosing polished concrete in NYC is not only good use of abundant earthly resources, it gives purpose to material that would otherwise go unused or add to our already mounting waste management concerns.

Few flooring materials have the longevity of concrete. When installed properly, concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth. Properly polished, sealed, and maintained, your floor has the potential to last a lifetime. Carpet, tile and even wood floors require replacement, which uses up greater resources, and creates disposal problems.

Already have a carpet, tile or wood floor? Poor job done by an average concrete flooring contractor starting to break down? Not to worry.

MCD has the capability to totally recreate your flooring using its streamlined concrete floor restoration process.

Epoxy: Smoothing Things Over

Like concrete, epoxy flooring will communicate to your customers that you?re savvy enough to be thinking about the environment. Epoxy is produced from natural and organic resin, which comes from coniferous trees and plants that are in ample supply. The protection provided is strong and durable as well as UV-resistant.

It is manufactured in a way that releases no bio-hazards to the environment, and when applied as protective coating, it has no contaminants that could endanger the safety of humans or the environment.

Additionally, most epoxy floors discourage dirt and grime?making your floor easier to maintain, and less demanding of cleaning materials. Because it is seamless, there are no cracks and crevices for insects to inhabit?reducing the need for extermination. Cleaning is also easier and more effective when an epoxy floor contractor does the job.

Green Flooring, Green Imprint

In short, concrete and epoxy flooring contractors are decisively more eco-friendly than flooring contractors who install tile, wood or carpeting. Done by the right company,
the floor has the chance to last a lifetime?no small feat for the planet.

If you would like to have an eco friendly designed floor and have one of the best polished concrete in NYC then please give Manhattan Concrete Design a call at 646-476-8376 for a free quote.

We’re looking forward to hearing about your project!