Epoxy-based system is runway-worthy; reduces risk of becoming fashion roadkill

With the words of a popular television series character, ?Remember to trot, trot with caution and don?t become ?fashion roadkill,?? echoing in his mind, a Manhattan flooring contractor recently stumbled upon an opportunity to help Dur-A-Flex seamless, resinous flooring make its fashion debut. "I was approached by EYESIGHT Fashion & Luxury Events to design a runway at New York?s Hotel Pennsylvania for Fashion Week,? says Matthew Koerner, Manhattan Concrete Design Company?s President. ?They needed 6,000 square feet of runway to be constructed within a tight timeframe. And, it needed to look amazing and be safe enough to walk on,? he says. With a global audience surely counting down the days to this highly anticipated week of clothing collections for spring/summer 2014, Koerner was well aware that being fashionably late would be unacceptable. Add to that businesswoman and fashion designer Victoria Beckham was slated to debut her collection to the world using this very runway on the first day of the show. Koerner decided on Dur-A-Flex?s renowned epoxy-based system, Dur-A-Gard SL for its components that easily handle substrate flexing, cures with a glossy, smooth surface and has a gritty enough finish for even the highest of heels. ?This Dur-A-Flex system installed by Manhattan Concrete easily addressed the substrate flexing concern and, with a bright, white color selection, an attractive, glossy finish that was runway-worthy was easily achieved,? says Peter Leiser, Senior Regional Sales Manager for Dur-A-Flex, Inc. On Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013, with husband David Beckham and Vogue?s Editor and Chief Anna Wintour looking on, following the effortless walks by supermodels showing off Victoria Beckham?s collection, the fashion mogul herself made a flawless stride from the beginning of the runway to the end to thundering applause. And with zero regard for caution thanks to Dur-A-Flex, Inc. and Manhattan Concrete Design Company. ?Although it will be removed after the show and maybe a party or two, it was a great opportunity to show the diversity of Dur-A-Flex?s flooring systems and give us a chance to diversify our project portfolio,? concludes Leiser. Source: NYFW_Contractor_Case_print.PDF  

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