When done wrong, such a floor can be marred, uneven, and dull. Your construction or renovation project can be delayed—even unfinished. When a concrete or epoxy floor gets botched, contractors, building owners, and tenants often call us for assistance. Rely on us for all your concrete and epoxy needs. We are committed to doing our job as a concrete polishing contractor in New York with integrity.


Epoxy is a waterproof resin coating poured over concrete to seal it from stains.
Whether opaque or clear, matte or shiny, epoxy gives floors a seamless look.

Epoxy is a great choice for a floor that experiences frequent traffic, holds heavy equipment, or is exposed to penetrating stains. These might include manufacturing and other industrial facilities, kitchens, food prep areas, and more.

MCS Are Your #1 Epoxy Flooring Contractors In NYC

We can apply epoxy with color or a customized design. Top it with paint chips or quartz granules available in thousands of colors.

We can also apply it clear—and make your interior concrete floor gleam. We have reflective epoxy in over fifty colors, the latest trend in artistic heavy-duty flooring.

If you’re ready to protect your floor with a durable and beautiful resin finish, contact us or call us on 646-476-8376.

Epoxy can also reduce utility bills—and save trees. Because they leverage an existing foundation, they automatically eliminate the need for wood or tile, or other wasteful material (at about half the price!). In summer, they repel heat; in winter, they retain it. Finally, they’re easy to maintain: simply sweep and mop with water, and re-wax (or re-seal for exteriors) just once a year.