Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC

Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC

Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC are gaining popularity for providing highly durable flooring
options mainly for industrial and commercial buildings.

So, what is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy is basically a type of glue that has a very high bonding property and is considered
extremely durable. Resins and hardeners are the two components of epoxy that are
available in two separate packages that have to be mixed before using. This is applied
in layers up to 2mm thickness on the surface of the floor. This is done in four basic
steps, surface preparation, priming, coating and finally sealing for hygienic and safe
flooring. This epoxy resin suits surfaces like wood, concrete, metal and tiles and for some
innovative ideas color can be added too.

Why is epoxy flooring in NYC preferred over others?

Concrete floors supposed to be strong and durable are also susceptible to damage due to
wear and tear, scuffing, staining and cracking being some of them. Added to this concrete
is porous and absorbs things like dirt, oils, chemicals, etc., and cleaning such floors
becomes a herculean task. Epoxy coating has a high glossy finish; it seals the pores and
protects the floors from getting damaged due to water seepage. Further it is very easy to
clean and maintain epoxy flooring.

The chemical structure of epoxy makes it not only durable but scratch resistant too and
once applied it lasts for a lifetime and expenditure for repeated painting can be avoided.
Most buildings in NY prefer epoxy flooring since it is a cost saving technique and also
safe to use. The molecules in epoxy bond much stronger with cement floors than other
paints and provides long lasting protection even in places exposed to heavy traffic.

What are some of the common places where epoxy flooring is best suited?

Great question. Epoxy flooring is best suited in such areas that are exposed to heavy machine traffic
requiring durable and strong flooring to withstand the onslaught. Places such as
basements in building complexes, hospitals, garages, restaurants, etc. mostly opt for
epoxy flooring. Laboratories where chemical spillage occurs frequently are most
benefitted by this type of flooring since epoxy does not get damaged due to chemicals.
Some of the home owners too are shifting to epoxy floorings due to the several benefits
and apply it mainly in the patios, garages, laundry rooms and sometimes in kitchens too
where a lot of food, oil, salt, and other cooking items often fall, and for the for the ease it
provides in cleaning all such tough dirt.

Apart from all the above plus points, epoxy coating for floors is inexpensive when
compared to other options like carpets, wood, tiles, and vinyl.

Who can? you contact to get the epoxy flooring done for you?

Manhattan Concrete Design – a NYC epoxy floor company can be trusted and appointed the job for getting your epoxy flooring done.
They have the required expertise to complete the job quickly and thoroughly.

If you’re looking for a quality concrete subcontracting resource or want?an estimate just call us Manhattan Concrete Design at
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