Five Interesting Facts About Epoxy Floor Toppings

Epoxy is a waterproof resin coating poured over concrete to seal it from stains. Whether opaque or clear, matte or shiny, epoxy gives floors a seamless look.

1)????? Epoxy floor toppings provide your old or new floors with a new shimmer and shine. If a floor in your business or home is looking worn down, you can give it an amazing, durable finish.

2)????? You are not limited by a small range of colors. Manhattan Concrete Design offers an appealing assortment of options, giving your floor an incredible new dimension and branding identity to your customers.

3)????? Epoxy is a particuarly great choice for a floor that experiences frequent traffic, holds heavy equipment, or is exposed to penetrating stains. These might include but are not limited to manufacturing and other industrial facilities, kitchens, food prep areas, and more. Epoxy flooring is considered to be one of the strongest floor coatings available.

4)????? Epoxy flooring is frequently found in a commercial setting because it is so easy to clean, leaving the space immaculate; not? grimy or dusty.

5)????? Epoxy floor finish is a permanent coating applied uniformly on top of a concrete surface. It not only offers protection but also an alluring palette change. Epoxy flooring is a very affordable option, as it is a virtually hassle-free choice for home and business owners that provides the added benefit of waterproofing and sealing which keeps concrete from deteriorating or staining over time.

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