Premiere Epoxy Flooring Contractors in NYC – Manhattan Concrete Design

Premiere Epoxy Flooring Contractors in NYC – Manhattan Concrete Design

You push through the revolving door, and smile in satisfaction. The floor you commissioned reflects back, like a smooth lake in midtown NYC. Congratulating your own judgment in epoxy flooring contractors, you admire the gleam, the embedded logo, the subtle blend of colors of your newest polished concrete in NYC. ?

Wait until the customers see this.

A once-cracked floor that sat in shambles now sparkles after your concrete floor restoration. What was once dust-covered and glum is now a study in color and shine. What?s more?it?s a cinch to maintain. And it?s green.

Concrete offers an eco-friendly alternative because it leverages an existing foundation, eliminating the need for wasted wood (save those trees) or tile. The floor?s longevity and the fact that it?s protected and waterproof allows for a little extra ?green? padding in your wallet as well.

So which local concrete and epoxy flooring contractors are worth trusting?

Finding a company that features flawless systems, impeccable service, high-end equipment and a proven track record is a good way to start. Manhattan Concrete Design embodies all of the above, and more.

Concrete floor restoration is not a job for any concrete subcontractor. After all, the inadequacy of equipment, processes or experience leads to average finishes, which leads to the need for restoration. Get it done right the first time. And if it?s too late, get a bad job corrected by the right company: the second time around.

At Manhattan Concrete Design, there are no subcontractors. Every person on the job is a bonded and insured employee, so that the company is always accountable. MCD employees are highly trained, having undergone the most rigorous training in the industry: its own. It takes care of the job in-house, and is accountable for its work every step of the way. Quality, detail and professionalism are the MCD standard. Finally, a safety foreman is assigned to every job. ?

If you are looking for the best polished concrete in NYC, don?t settle for second best.

Your floor isn?t just a reflection of your business and your brand?it leaves a first impression. Look to big-name clients: Calvin Klein, Knovel, Viva, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. All have turned to MCD for their epoxy flooring needs and submitted rave reviews. ??

Choosing a reputable NYC epoxy floor company that conducts itself the right way from top down is crucial to the impression you make on others, day in and day out for years to come.

Sharp craftsmanship, reliability, and a perfect finish are the hallmarks of Manhattan Concrete Design, the premiere epoxy floor contractor in NYC.

If you?re looking for the premiere epoxy flooring contractors in NYC or want?a free estimate just call Manhattan Concrete Design at
646-476-8376?to speak with a representative. They are?looking forward to hearing about your project!