Self-Cleaning Concrete Reduces Air Pollution

Imagine a world with self-cleaning buildings and clean-air-promoting-roadways. These technologies may sound like space-age ideas, but they are present-day realities due to special formulations of concrete. Capable of neutralizing pollution and washing away harmful smog, concrete products provide tremendous value to our architectural spaces and planet.

Proprietary technology (based on particles of titanium dioxide) is what broadly makes this cement so unique. The technology can be applied to white or gray cement and all varieties of concrete, including plaster. Unlike other concrete, it is capable of breaking down pollution particulates that have attached itself to the concrete substrate in a process known as photocatalysis.

Scientists and engineers have explored photocatalytic concrete in pavements as a means of reducing levels of air pollution. For example, the internal combustion engine in everything from cards to trains to airplanes emits chemicals known as NOx and SOx that lead to acid rain, smog, and respiratory issues. Photocatalytic concrete act breaks down NOx into nitrates in sunlight at the surface where they can be easily washed away.

For more information on the environmental benefits of photocatalytic concrete, check out this article.

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