Concrete grinding contractors must know how to do the job with perfection. If you want a smooth and level floor, trust Manhattan Concrete Services.

Concrete is the most common of building materials – but that doesn’t mean that your business has to look ordinary. Thanks to our experienced team of experts, Manhattan Concrete Services will transform your dull, dusty floor into a unique work of art, impressing your guests and giving your clients and colleagues a sense of pride. Our technicians are artisans in this arena, and are ready to make your property stand out from the competition.


Why Hire Concrete Grinding Contractors?

Concrete grinding contractors help give you better results than other smoothing methods. Other techniques can pit or damage your floors, requiring more extensive repairs. Grinding not only avoids those issues, but it leaves your concrete looking as beautiful as ever.

Grinding your concrete floors also allows for an impressively smooth profile, giving you the option to add some customization to your floors. When smooth enough, concrete floors can be used as a canvas for design options that would otherwise not be possible.

Our diamond grinders are the toughest around, and they get your concrete floors ready for the demands of any space. We’ll remove stubborn blemishes, and special coatings or etchings will disappear with ease thanks to our state-of-the-art diamond concrete grinders. 


From glamorous New York Fashion Week to your hometown hardware store, concrete has become a sustainable and eco-friendly way to achieve stylish and long-lasting floors. Allergen-free and easy to clean, concrete floors are a great choice for any purpose.

High-Quality Machines

Our equipment is top-tier. We use systems that have been described as “the Rolls Royce of grinding and polishing machinesUsing synthetic diamond particles, our tools implement precise work and the smoothest concrete grinding available on the market today. 

Unmatched by all competing machines, synthetic diamond grinding wheels have nickel and copper coatings to add durability and longevity.

Any expert in the concrete flooring industry knows that the best results require the best equipment and the closest attention to detail. Manhattan Concrete System strives to accomplish that with every project – the reality is, not just anyone can do the work we do.

Our customers want efficiency, and we demand it of ourselves. The grinders we use allow us to complete the work in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors. Our commitment to efficiency ensures you have new floors quickly, with minimal downtime and a smaller environmental impact. 

Excellent Professionals

We are proud of our state-of-the-art equipment, but we realize that none of the amazing work we strive for would be possible without the individuals behind the machines.

For our team, the job is not only about the big machines. At Manhattan Concrete Services, we’re not afraid to get on our hands and knees to ensure we complete the work just right. In fact, hand grinding is often a vital piece of a project – often it is the only way to get into the corners and crevices to ensure a perfectly smooth and level surface.

Manhattan Concrete Services has an experienced and extensively-trained team of concrete grinders in New York City. We continuously train our employees and improve our techniques and skills.

This relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that you get the best. We can offer premier concrete grinding services because of our people.

We’re on Your Side

Manhattan Concrete Services has the experience to ensure that your floor is ready for whatever step comes next.

Concrete grinding can be a dirty job – leave it to our team to bring gorgeous results. Contact us to see what we can do for your space.