At Manhattan Concrete Systems, we use only the best concrete polishing equipment, yielding the floors you envision for your commercial space. Our concrete polishing contractor portfolio encompasses some of the most prestigious buildings in New York City. We are trusted by – and delivered results for – 450 W. 14th Street, 32 Avenue of the Americas, the Empire State Building, and more. With our finished product furnishing a refined and luxurious look, we’ve polished concrete for the likes of Calvin Klein, HSN, Akon Brands, and Alice + Olivia. There are many reasons why polished concrete is the finish of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious architects and structures. 

Concrete is the Greenest Flooring Material on the Planet

That’s because most modern buildings are built on a concrete slab. Leveraging the original concrete saves trees, landfill space, and money, and provides you with a low-maintenance, durable floor that is every bit as beautiful as you want it to be. There is minimal pollution because concrete is generated in the quantity required for each job, which minimizes waste. After the concrete foundation has fulfilled its original function, the concrete is then crushed and recycled into aggregates. These aggregates can be used in new concrete pavements, back fill, or ground surface – making concrete almost fully recyclable.

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Commercial concrete floors have no limitations – they can be built anywhere in your property as long as they satisfy your safety, durability, aesthetic appeal, and easy maintenance needs. We’ve installed polished concrete in hospitals, factories, schools, stadiums, warehouses, industrial plants, retail outlets, and more. Polished concrete floors are by far the most convenient and aesthetically appealing option available. Check out our portfolio, which includes hundreds of successful projects that delivered attractive floors and satisfied clients. 

Industrial Concrete Polishing

Sports fans have likely experienced polished concrete floors at their favorite stadiums and arenas. Further, this conventional industrial treatment is seen in residential garages, basements, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, commercial enterprises, and industrial environments. 

This popularity results from the fact that when compared to other flooring treatments, concrete is inexpensive and lasts much longer. 

Advantages of Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing is an option for any facility – a natural and attractive surface produces a good image in any environment. The reliability and durability of concrete makes these floors a perfect fit for warehouses, manufacturing, and public areas. The easy-to-clean surface makes the floor a common option for shopping malls, schools, museums, and other high traffic areas.

Polished concrete is a cost-effective choice for flooring, both in the short and long term. The cost of polished concrete flooring per square foot is low relative to other forms of flooring. More office and shopping facilities prefer polished concrete overlays as an alternative to tiles, marbles, linoleum or plastic coatings. Clients can chose from a range that stretches from high gloss to satin standard, suiting the cosmetic and maintenance specifications of their space.

Installing polished concrete provides you with the smoothest surface possible, and minimum vibrations when transporting products with forklifts. In turn, polished concrete decreases the cost of repair and wear of forklifts and anything else with tires.

Not only does polished concrete look absolutely stunning, there are a number of advantages that set it above other flooring types:

Concrete Staining

You will further improve the elegance of the concrete floor of your facility by applying a paint or dye prior to polishing, known as concrete staining. You can choose from a variety of shades, from neutral earth to deep jewel tones. Multiple colors may be used to make shapes with the aid of stencils or with special staining techniques that generate a marble, or “galaxy”, effect.

Limitations of Concrete Polishing

At Manhattan Concrete Systems, we want to treat our customers with honesty and integrity. That being said, we realize there are certain applications when polished concrete flooring may not work:

Polished Concrete Maintenence

Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain in outstanding condition. The most creative way to keep the floor clean is to use an automated scrubber system in tandem with our maintenance tips. Manual sweeping using a vacuum cleaner or a wet mop is good as well. In a few years, the floor gets a perfect patina. In order to preserve its original high gloss, further polishing is recommended.

Polished concrete is an incredibly smooth surface to walk or drive on. It doesn’t contain any dust since there are no crevices and is slip resistant. Polished concrete meets the highest requirements for the handling of electrical devices. It also has the best fire safety rating of all current flooring.

Have Your Floors Look Like New Today!

Do you have concrete that is damaged, stained, chipped, discolored, or showing signs of age on your property? You need concrete polishing to ensure that the concrete lasts for several more years to come. As the leading concrete polishing team in New York, our decades of experience allow us to provide the best customer service. Our team of experts want to help make your property look its best. Polishing concrete is certainly not a DIY project – our state-of-the-art grinders are nearly 1000 pounds with fine grit diamonds. These tools are essential to get the best result possible, and exactly why you need to hire a contractor.

MCS is committed to doing our job as a concrete polishing contractor with integrity and sky-high standards. As a result, subcontractors often call on us to fix botched jobs or completely unfinished ones. We won’t do the same.