Every concrete resurfacing, grinding, or polishing job naturally includes a concrete repair.

The skills and experience required to repair damaged and deteriorated concrete are very different from those required to pour new concrete. With new construction, a subcontractor follows established procedures. But when it comes to concrete repair, there are multiple variables, risks, and challenges. The key? Go with a company led by experienced concrete repair contractors.

Every concrete resurfacing, grinding, or polishing job naturally includes a concrete repair. In fact, it’s safe to say that at Manhattan Concrete Systems (MCS), repair is our main business. Our employees are experts in the most challenging techniques related to architectural surface repair. This includes strengthening, waterproofing, and protection of concrete and epoxy floors. Our quality workmanship assures that we will maximize quality and durability in the years to come.

MCS’s concrete repair services focus on doing everything possible to increase the longevity of your concrete’s lifetime. Inevitably, concrete can move, shrink and expand, become worn and pitted, and its natural wear and tear. Our professional concrete repair contractor staff does everything possible to slow that process down to maximize value.

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Repair Service

MCS’s #1 priority is to repair your concrete repair project on time and on budget. MCS has handled hundreds of repair projects including office floors, sidewalks, roadways, driveways, and steps. MCS is the choice of leading professionals in industrial, commercial and institutional markets for quality concrete floor repair.

Signs of Needing Concrete Repairs

Concrete has many small early warning signs of needing a repair. Over time these signs will show more and more due to normal wear and tear, or the material might have not been properly installed. Below is a list of major signs of needing a repair:

Liquid pooling on concrete structures

If you find that any liquid is accumulating on concrete areas, you should investigate why. A proper concrete surface should be able to drain any liquids naturally without letting it pool on the surface. Without handling this issue quickly, it will lead to further damage. Other than old age, this problem is usually due to incorrect installation, especially during the floor preparation stage. This careful service is a craft that MCS takes pride in providing.

Cracks appearing in the concrete

One indication that the concrete can need to be fixed is the emergence of cracks. Cracks in concrete can be caused by soil under expansion and contraction due to environmental conditions. When you get a lot of rain accompanied by long stretches of hot, dry weather, it allows the soil to expand and contract. Cracks will occur on the ground in concrete as well as in concrete walls.

Sloping floors

Another problem that can be caused by damaged concrete foundation is floor sloping. If the floors slopes more than an inch every 15 to 20 feet, your foundation may need to be looked at by MCS immediately.

An uneven appearance

If your concrete floors or walls seem uneven, this is another sign of needing a concrete repair. This could be caused by weather conditions or sub-standard foundation work, and includes crumbling and breaking, which can cause instability, and even injury. Uneven concrete floors should be fixed immediately.

Inside and outer wall cracks

Cracks occurring in outer brick walls and inside dry walls can signify damage to the concrete base and to the sedimentation.

Evident signs of aging

As with anything else, concrete wears and wrinkles over time. All the above signs may mean that your concrete has been worn due to age. A mixture of cracks, pooling of water, potholes, and unevenness all may reveal damage caused by aging.

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If you notice any signs of needing concrete repair, then we strongly recommend that you contact MCS. The sooner we can get your concrete fixed, the less likely you’ll have to worry about further damage. We take pride in being the top-of-the-line company for concrete floor repairs for businesses all over New York.

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