The creative possibilities are endless.

With concrete stain, you can transform old concrete floors into works of art. Your floors can also become a canvas for custom designs such as a company logo, map of the world, or any other illustration or pattern you may want to apply.

Since concrete is a porous material, our dyes aren’t just coatings – they bond with the concrete at a molecular level, in the process becoming part of the concrete itself. As a result, these floors will show no wear patterns.

For the environmentally conscious, don’t worry: these dyes do not produce VOCs. So no matter what colors you choose, your floors will always be “green.”

If you’re ready to introduce a one-of-a-kind design to your concrete floor, contact us.

Stained concrete can reduce utility bills and save trees. Because it leverages an existing foundation, it automatically eliminates the need for wood or tile, or other wasteful material (at about half the price!). It retains coolness in summer and heat in winter. To maintain, simply sweep and mop with water, and re-wax (or re-seal for exteriors) just once a year.

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At Manhattan Concrete Systems, we are relentlessly pursuing flooring excellence. We pay extreme attention to detail and can handle projects that other firms here in New York City can’t. Our technicians are artisans in this arena, and we are ready to take your floors to the next level.

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