Polished Concrete and Concrete Grinding

Concrete Floor Restoration

MCS’s Commitment As A Concrete Polishing Contractor

MCS is committed to doing our job as a concrete polishing contractor NY with integrity—and sky-high standards. As a result, contractors, commercial building owners, and even other concrete or epoxy subcontractors often call on us to fix bungled jobs—or complete unfinished ones. Don’t let it happen to you.

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Polished Concrete Finishes

Here at Manhattan Concrete Systems, we offer four finishes:

Grind and Seal

Great if your project has a tight budget or timeframe, our grind and seal finish mimics the look of polished concrete in half the time. First, we grind off any debris, concrete fragments, or hardened drips of adhesive. Then, we forgo polishing and install a sealer, giving the surface a smooth, reflective sheen.

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You’ll find this low-treatment finish in industrial depots and warehouses—or commercial spaces that evoke a rough-and-tumble mood. Once we’ve made sure the concrete is level, we polish it lightly, leaving some nooks and crannies exposed for a matte, no-slip finish.

Polished Concrete NYCManhattan Polished ConcretePolished Concrete InstallationPaper Factory Hotel


Our commercial concrete captures the texture and temperament of raw, unpolished concrete and incorporates it into a finished surface. We grind down rough patches and unevenness, allowing patterns to form naturally. Then we polish everything to a subtle shine. The result? Lustrous flooring—with just a touch of city grit.

Commercial Polished Concrete NYCCommercial Polished Concrete ManhattanCommercial Polished Concrete in New YorkCommercial Polished Concrete


Think of a freshly Zambonied ice rink, and you’ll get an idea of how superpolished these floors are. Glossy, unblemished, and perfectly level, this finish reflects ambient light beautifully, transforming your space into one that’s luminous and inviting.

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