Professional Concrete Polishing Contractor

MCS is committed to doing our job as a concrete polishing contractor NY with integrity and unimpeachable standards. As a result, contractors, commercial building owners, and even other concrete or epoxy subcontractors will often call on us to fix mishandled jobs and complete unfinished ones. Don’t let it happen to you.

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Polished Concrete Floors

At Manhattan Concrete Systems, we offer four finishes:

Grind and Seal – for a smooth and reflective finish

This is great if your project has a tight budget or timeframe, as our grind and seal finish mimics the look of polished concrete in half the time. First, we grind off any debris, concrete fragments, or hardened drips of adhesive. Then, we forgo polishing and install a sealer, giving the surface a smooth, reflective sheen.

Industrial – for depots, warehouses, and a grittier look

You’ll find this low-treatment finish in industrial depots and warehouses—or commercial spaces designed to evoke a similar atmosphere. Once we’ve made sure the concrete is level, we polish it lightly, leaving some nooks and crannies exposed for a matte, no-slip finish.

Commercial – grind and polish for a subtle shine

Our commercial concrete captures the texture and temperament of raw, unpolished concrete and incorporates it into a finished surface. We grind down rough patches and unevenness, allowing patterns to form naturally. Then we polish everything to a subtle shine. The result? Lustrous flooring—with just a touch of city grit.

Super Polished – for a glossy and luminous finish

Think of a freshly cleaned ice rink, and you’ll get an idea of how “super-polished” these floors are. Glossy, unblemished, and perfectly level, this finish reflects ambient light beautifully, transforming your space into one that’s luminous and inviting.



Concrete floors offer impressive design flexibility in all sorts of applications. Manhattan Concrete Services uses the latest advances in concrete flooring, and now, we are proud to introduce antimicrobial concrete floors. 

Because concrete is so versatile, many businesses choose it for their flooring. Restaurants and bars frequently opt for these gorgeous, easy-to-maintain concrete floors. 

But if not sealed properly, concrete can encourage the growth of bacteria, fungus, and other harmful organisms. These microbes can lead to illnesses and ongoing respiratory infections.

Installing Antimicrobial Concrete Floors

Antimicrobial Concrete Floor Contractor

With health and cleanliness having become top concerns for  are wondering what they can do to prevent the spread of bacteria, allergens, dust, and tiny microbes that can spread viruses and other illnesses. 

MCS has always worked to put safety first, and so we are proud to offer the industry’s number one antimicrobial sealant, MICROPEL®. Our MCS crew can patch your existing floor, grind it smooth, and apply the MICROPEL®.

Fortunately, the most common types of bacteria on your commercial floor include Bacillus, Micrococcus, Pseudomonas, and Staphylococcus. Although these are not the most dangerous forms of bacteria, it’s important to consider these potential pathogens since you may be serving individuals with compromised immune systems. Bacteria and viruses can cause serious infection and illness in these situations.

The transfer of germs to your employees, customers, and guests puts their health and that of your company in jeopardy – why take the risk? 

How Does it work?

Antimicrobial sealants work, in part, by eliminating porous areas that can harbor dangerous microbes. The smooth surface doesn’t leave any nooks or crannies, so there isn’t room for harmful viruses and bacteria to proliferate. 

MICROPEL® also uses biostatic properties that kill fungi, mildew, yeast, and mold. It utilizes a slow-release effect to provide protection for decades. With this impressive product, you can protect your customers today and for years to come.

Benefits of Sanitary Concrete Floors

Even if you are cleaning and disinfecting your floors regularly, it may not be sufficient – and we know you don’t want to settle for less-than-perfect. 

Let Manhattan Concrete Services come in and transform your floor into something that works for you, not against you. MICROPEL® technology provides the type of long-term protection you and your customers need, and your employees and clients will thank you for it.

Developed by the Troy Corporation in Florham Park, New Jersey, this trademarked product works to prevent many varieties of microbial, fungal, and bacterial attacks. MICROPEL® is the number one choice of contractors, and we’re the number one concrete flooring contractor. It’s a match made in heaven.

This incredible sealant protects your floors against moisture, helping to prevent mold and mildew growth. It also resists bacteria and fungus so that you can feel safe and healthy in your space. The MICROPEL® antimicrobial product is ideal for any business, including:

Hire The Best to Do The Best

Manhattan Concrete Services brings the best to New York City every day. From stunning runways for fashion week to high-end museum floors, we provide beauty – and we don’t want anything to detract from that. 

Fortunately, MICROPEL® antimicrobial treatment leaves behind no residue and causes no discoloration. It becomes part of your gorgeous floor, adding to the aesthetic while keeping your space healthier.

How We Install Antimicrobial Concrete Floors

You’ll always get our expert process and powerful work ethic when we apply this new product. First, we will inspect your floor and patch up any areas that need some attention. Applying the antimicrobial sealant to a well-maintained floor is critical to ensure it works to its most rigorous extent. 

Mistreated and neglected concrete may become porous and allow water to collect. This situation can turn your floor into a breeding ground for the type of issues you want to avoid. Because of this, our team always prepares the floor correctly – without cutting corners. 

After patching, we grind the floor to prep it for sealing. Once we finish the concrete grinding, we apply two even coats of the MICROPEL® antimicrobial sealant. These will seal and protect your floors for years to come, and help your customers stay healthy year-round.

A typical MICROPEL® job runs around $7 per square foot – be sure to contact us for an individualized quote.

*MICROPEL® antimicrobial is a registered trademark of Troy Corporation. MICROPEL® Antimicrobial – EPA registration 5383-125.