Preparing the Surface for Self Leveling Concrete in Manhattan
Self Leveling Concrete Perfect Mirror Finish

Self-Leveling Concrete Contractors

Self-Leveling Concrete is a versatile, strong material that is used to make existing floors (sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), wood, ceramic tile and carpet) smoother, flatter, and stronger. This type of concrete is a polymer-modified cement that has high flow characteristics and comes in two forms: underlayment and overlayment. MCS uses the most advanced concrete floor leveling systems and is committed to providing the best self leveling concrete services in New York.

Self-Leveling Underlayment - Smooth and Correct Floors

Underlayment material is used to level uneven, grooved, and/or heavily pitted floors in order to make them stable, flat and suitable for installation of sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), wood, ceramic tile, hardwood or carpet. Underlayments may vary in depth from feather-edge to depths of 2 inches or more. 

Overlayment - Floor Toppings

Overlayment or “wear-surface” concrete topping can be used to provide a floor with an entirely new, flat surface that can be polished, colored, or coated with epoxy. Numerous types of concrete overlayments are available and can be applied to depths of featheredge to 2-3 inches. We are certified installers for self leveling products and have experience in both surface preparation and final surface finishes.

Typical Applications

Correct Uneven Floors

Achieve a "level" floor with minimal height variations and higher compressive strength.

Provide Smooth Surface

Provide a smooth surface for carpet, tile, or other floor installations.

Repair Damaged Concrete

Are your floors worn down? Self leveling concrete can be used to make repairs and bring your floors back to life.

Your Top Rated NYC Floor Contractor

We show up on time and get the job done right the first time. We use the most advanced self leveling concrete floor leveling systems so you can be assured your floors will be perfect.

Advantages of Using Self-Leveling Concrete

Disadvantages of Using Self-Leveling Concrete

Not All Jobs Are DIY

Laying Self-Leveling Concrete can be a  risky job, especially with how quickly it dries. Don’t risk the way your floor will look. Our team of certified professionals can transform any surface into something you can be proud of. Contact MCS to get this job done the right way the first time.