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Five Interesting Facts About Epoxy Floor Toppings

Epoxy is a waterproof resin coating poured over concrete to seal it from stains. Whether opaque or clear, matte or shiny, epoxy gives floors a seamless look. 1)      Epoxy floor toppings provide your old or new floors with a new shimmer and shine. If a floor in your business or home is looking worn down, […]

Premiere Epoxy Flooring Contractors in NYC – Manhattan Concrete Design

You push through the revolving door, and smile in satisfaction. The floor you commissioned reflects back, like a smooth lake in midtown NYC. Congratulating your own judgment in epoxy flooring contractors, you admire the gleam, the embedded logo, the subtle blend of colors of your newest polished concrete in NYC.   Wait until the customers […]

Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC

Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC are gaining popularity for providing highly durable flooring options mainly for industrial and commercial buildings. So, what is epoxy flooring? Epoxy is basically a type of glue that has a very high bonding property and is considered extremely durable. Resins and hardeners are the two components of epoxy that are […]