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Mixing Historic and Modern in NYC – Profile: Matt Koerner

When Matt Koerner, president of Manhattan Concrete Design, founded his company in 2004, the marriage of concrete and epoxy coating wasn’t quite the function-meets-form evolution that now leads flooring trends a decade later. With a thriving business, split between the two finishes, Koerner focuses on myriad projects while trying to grow his business at the […]

Crew Continues Hurricane Sandy Cleanup with Epoxy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, thousands still remain displaced by the storm’s devestation of New York City and its boroughs. For Matthew Koerner and his team of Manhattan Concerete Design, the ongoing renevation of Peter Cooper Village is an important and challenging task.  Check out this feature article in CoatingsPro Magazine highlighting the work […]

Top Ten Facts about Concrete

We interact with concrete on a daily basis, whether on the street or in our homes or offices. Still, its history and uses allude us. Check out these interesting facts about concrete! 10) The oldest piece of concrete on record is 12 million years old. Discovered in Israel in the 1960s, it’s a natural deposit […]

Five Interesting Facts About Epoxy Floor Toppings

Epoxy is a waterproof resin coating poured over concrete to seal it from stains. Whether opaque or clear, matte or shiny, epoxy gives floors a seamless look. 1)      Epoxy floor toppings provide your old or new floors with a new shimmer and shine. If a floor in your business or home is looking worn down, […]

Eco-friendly Polished Concrete in NYC Demystified

These days, being green is nearly a business requirement. Office recycling, eco-friendly cleaning, and conscious paper usage are practically de rigeur in corporate America—particularly among the cutting edge. But there’s one environmental opportunity that isn’t getting as much play: concrete and epoxy flooring. You see, as standard foundational material, concrete already exists. There’s no need […]

Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC

Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC are gaining popularity for providing highly durable flooring options mainly for industrial and commercial buildings. So, what is epoxy flooring? Epoxy is basically a type of glue that has a very high bonding property and is considered extremely durable. Resins and hardeners are the two components of epoxy that are […]