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Crew Continues Hurricane Sandy Cleanup with Epoxy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, thousands still remain displaced by the storm’s devestation of New York City and its boroughs. For Matthew Koerner and his team of Manhattan Concerete Design, the ongoing renevation of Peter Cooper Village is an important and challenging task.  Check out this feature article in CoatingsPro Magazine highlighting the work […]

Five Interesting Facts About Epoxy Floor Toppings

Epoxy is a waterproof resin coating poured over concrete to seal it from stains. Whether opaque or clear, matte or shiny, epoxy gives floors a seamless look. 1)      Epoxy floor toppings provide your old or new floors with a new shimmer and shine. If a floor in your business or home is looking worn down, […]

Epoxy-based system is runway-worthy; reduces risk of becoming fashion roadkill

With the words of a popular television series character, “Remember to trot, trot with caution and don’t become ‘fashion roadkill,’” echoing in his mind, a Manhattan flooring contractor recently stumbled upon an opportunity to help Dur-A-Flex seamless, resinous flooring make its fashion debut. “I was approached by EYESIGHT Fashion & Luxury Events to design a […]

Expoy Floor for Victoria Beckham, NY Fashion Week

A flawless epoxy floor we installed for VictoriaBeckham. Her NY fashion week showing yesterday was amazing! We’ve worked hard to get our work to be this high quality and be displayed on this worldwide level.  

Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC

Epoxy flooring contractors in NYC are gaining popularity for providing highly durable flooring options mainly for industrial and commercial buildings. So, what is epoxy flooring? Epoxy is basically a type of glue that has a very high bonding property and is considered extremely durable. Resins and hardeners are the two components of epoxy that are […]

Epoxy Flooring in NYC
Eco-Friendly Epoxy Flooring @ Avenues the World School


Polished Concrete – Brooklyn Navy Yard

This floor needed resilience, so we brought it. Polishing 100+ year old concrete can be challenging. We brought our specialty tools and techniques to ensure this concrete floor stays polished for another 100+  

Epoxy Floor

This tanning salon basically wanted a glossy new appearance for their business. More Important, a floor that is easy to maintain and cost-effective . We put in place a durable epoxy floor that will keep looking good for years to come. Unlike other flooring systems our flooring products do not require waxing, stripping or polishing […]

Epoxy Floor in Manhattan @ Savory & Sweet
Polished Concrete Flooring @ HSN


404 10th Avenue Project
Akon Empire State Project