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Mixing Historic and Modern in NYC – Profile: Matt Koerner

When Matt Koerner, president of Manhattan Concrete Design, founded his company in 2004, the marriage of concrete and epoxy coating wasn’t quite the function-meets-form evolution that now leads flooring trends a decade later. With a thriving business, split between the two finishes, Koerner focuses on myriad projects while trying to grow his business at the […]

Eco-friendly Polished Concrete in NYC Demystified

These days, being green is nearly a business requirement. Office recycling, eco-friendly cleaning, and conscious paper usage are practically de rigeur in corporate America—particularly among the cutting edge. But there’s one environmental opportunity that isn’t getting as much play: concrete and epoxy flooring. You see, as standard foundational material, concrete already exists. There’s no need […]

Premiere Epoxy Flooring Contractors in NYC – Manhattan Concrete Design

You push through the revolving door, and smile in satisfaction. The floor you commissioned reflects back, like a smooth lake in midtown NYC. Congratulating your own judgment in epoxy flooring contractors, you admire the gleam, the embedded logo, the subtle blend of colors of your newest polished concrete in NYC.   Wait until the customers […]