Top Eco-Friendly Concrete Flooring Solutions Perfect for Your Business

Are you a business owner who?s looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? About 70% of achieving this goal depends on the products you choose and how you dispose of them. Have you thought about eco-friendly flooring as a way to work toward this goal?

These concrete eco-friendly flooring options offer a reduced carbon footprint and a smart investment. Keep reading to learn about the different choices available.

Eco-friendly Flooring for Businesses

Today, there?s more interest in eco-friendly flooring. This can help with deforestation, air quality, landfill growth, and more. You may find it surprising that concrete floors can offer a sustainable, ?green? option.

It?s key to look for companies that include recycled materials and safe additives. This ensures that your eye-catching concrete business flooring meets your environmental goals.

Concrete Flooring and Its Environmental Impact

The concrete manufacturing process impacts its environmental friendliness. If offers better air quality, decreased waste, and even lower heating bills. Many times, your current flooring already has concrete underneath that you can update.

To begin with, there are 3 types of concrete flooring. These include traditional, recycled, and sustainable. Let?s focus on learning about recycled and sustainable concrete.

Fly Ash Concrete

A wider variety of waste products are now used in making concrete. These advances decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

High-volume fly ash is a by-product produced by coal-burning power plants. Using 50% or more fly ash waste in making concrete offers several benefits including:

  • Decreased water requirements
  • Improvement in the workability of the concrete
  • Decreased cracking related to thermal and drying shrinkage
  • Increased resistance to reinforcement corrosion, sulfate attack, and alkali-silica expansion

When shopping for concrete, check to see if it contains fly ash. It's best to choose one made with more than 97% high-volume fly ash. You?ll often see the term ashcrete used in the description.

Recycled Glass Concrete

Some companies use 100% recycled glass in their concrete formula. This creates a high-performance concrete. It doesn?t use toxic pigments or petrochemicals in the manufacturing process.

This approach to making concrete contributes to LEED points. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs. It?s an international organization that evaluates and certifies ?green? building practices.

Recycled Fibrous-Concrete

Recycled fibrous-concrete contains many different recycled materials. This may include paper, glass, coal fly-ash, metal shavings, and marble chips. This product has met approved standards for durability.

Radiant Heat Benefits

Concrete floors absorb radiant heat. This quality enhances radiant floor heating and passive solar designs. The concrete heats with the sun during the day and then releases the warmth at night.

The Durability of Concrete Floors

When a concrete floor is properly installed, it?s one of the most durable materials on earth. Proper maintenance of these floor allows them to last a lifetime. This decreases waste products that end up in landfills.

Making Your Current Concrete Floor More Eco-Friendly

If you already have a concrete floor in place, you have the option to enhance its eco-friendliness. Special concrete restoration and refinishing processes decrease consumption, waste, and pollution too. This benefit comes from reworking your floor which decreases the need to manufacture new flooring.

Refinishing begins with a dry method of concrete grinding. This uses a mechanical diamond process. The machines pull the dust inside so that no water is needed.

A silicate densifier, also called ?liquid glass?, is then applied to fill and seal the pores. This creates a shiny surface that resists impact damage. It also decreases the constant release of dust from untreated floors.

Antimicrobial Concrete Floors

Are you surprised to hear that you can now get an antimicrobial concrete floor? In this time of the COVID pandemic, decreasing viral spread is on everyone?s mind.

Think about what happens when you walk across contaminated surfaces at work. At the end of your day, you get in your car and go home. The microbes on your shoes go home with you.

What if an object gets dropped on the floor and then placed back on a work surface? This can transfer bacteria and viruses to the hands and then to many places from there.

Antimicrobial sealants can be applied to existing floors. These sealants fill all porous surfaces that may collect microbes. 

By eliminating the collection of microorganisms, you stop their growth. Its biostatic properties also kill fungi, mold, yeast, and mildew.

Self-Cleaning Concrete Floors

Now it?s starting to sound like science fiction. Yet today, a specific formulation of concrete neutralize pollution and remove smog.

Self-cleaning concrete includes particles of titanium dioxide. Photocatalysis describes the binding of pollutant particles to substrates in the concrete. Thus, they?re removed from the air.

All internal combustion engines release NOx and SOx chemicals. You?ll find these engines in cars, trains, and airplanes.

This contributes to smog, acid rain, and breathing problems. Photocatalysis concrete breaks down NOx into nitrates when combined with sunlight.

Are You Interested in Concrete Flooring For Your Business?

Is reducing your carbon footprint an important issue for you? Did you ever think of concrete as an eco-friendly flooring option? Now you know the many ways that concrete can improve the environment.

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