Top Ten Facts about Concrete

We interact with concrete on a daily basis, whether on the street or in our homes or offices. Still, its history and uses allude us. Check out these interesting facts about concrete! 10) The oldest piece of concrete on record is 12 million years old. Discovered in Israel in the 1960s, it?s a natural deposit created by oil shale combusting near limestone. 9) Concrete is made from four main ingredients: stone, sand, cement and water. 8) Thomas Edison was the first to contract and live in a precast concrete home. 7) Heavy trucks get up to 20% better mileage on concrete rather than asphalt. 6) More than 55,000 miles of highway are paved with concrete in the United States. 5) Certain types of concrete float! Concrete canoes and boat docks are prime examples of floating concrete structures. 4) Evidence of a concrete like material was used by Egyptians about 3000 BC. They used gypsum mortars an mortars of lime as well as mud mixed with straw to bind bricks when building the pyramids. 3) The first concrete high rise was built in Cincinnati, OH, in 1903. 2) In 1936, the first major concrete dams, Hoover Dam and Grand Coulee Dam were built. 1) In 1992 the tallest reinforced concrete building in the world was built in Chicago, Illinois (946 ft.).

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